Minecraft Forge Keeps Crashing

Minecraft Forge Keeps Crashing. Me and a friend are trying to play it, but every time one of us launches our game it crashes without even going to the main menu. The log barely even has any content:

minecraft keeps crashing linuxmint
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I replaced the mods, shaders, saves and resource packs. I basically just installed it so i could play on 1.8.9 because i couldnt for some reason. The log barely even has any content:

I Replaced The Mods, Shaders, Saves And Resource Packs.

If you want to play minecraft with mod and it only crash follow my tutorial here:what you need to do is open your minecraft folder.how you get the minecraft folder pres run and write %appdata% after it pres roaming/roming i dont no what its name is but pres.minecraft and you see a folder with name (mods).open the mods folder and drag out all mods files there. Minecraft forge keeps crashing #3141. If minecraft forge keeps crashing, you can fix this by uninstalling your mods and then reinstalling them one by one.

Start Date Sep 17, 2021.

I've been using minecraft forge for 1.12 fine for a good while, but after i installed the 1.13 forge it hasn't worked. Edd_loaf i've been having a huge problem with this mod. I try to launch it, it looks like it starts loading because the launcher closed out, and then it takes me right back to the launcher saying it crashed.

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I have been trying to play minecraft forge 1.16.5 with around 29 mods, i create a world, and after some seconds a message pops up about experimental settings, when i click proceed, minecraft just crashes and im forced to close it bringing me back to the launcher, this is the crash report i got today. Using primary tweak class name net.minecraftforge.fml.common.launcher.f. I made a pastebin file with the error:

I Mean It Was The Options Text Document.

Fix minecraft forge crash ! Minecraft forge version keeps crashing? It crashes before the minecraft window even opens, something that didn't happen with the recommended version.

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So when i start the forge 1.8.9 launcher, the game starts but when loading, it freezes and then minecraft crashes. I installed minecraft when it was version 1.16.4 or 1.16.5 im not sure. Windows 10 (amd64) version 10.0 java version:

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